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Muay Thai Camps in Europe

MUAY Camp is THE full mind and body Muay Thai experience. Sun, Sea, Sweat: Our retreats offer the best Muay Thai training in Europe! Our retreats are tailored to all experience levels, from absolute beginners looking to master the basics to active fighters. If you're looking to develop your skills and improve your fitness with others in a stunning destination, our European Muay Thai camps will set you on the right path!

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World Class Muay Thai Instruction 

We are committed to offering unparalleled training camp standards designed to revolutionise your approach to Muay Thai, to physical fitness and training in general. Our experienced coaches and trainers are dedicated to helping bring the best out of each individual. Learn and master new techniques, improve your fitness and conditioning, and explore a range of holistic aspects of health including nutrition, recovery, breathwork and flexibility. Join us on a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled and resilient warrior.

Image by Micaela Parente


21st - 25th October

Image by Klāvs Taimiņš

Dates TBC - Feb 25'

Image by Klāvs Taimiņš


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