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  • What if I can't make the published dates?
    No stress, there will be more; drop us an email directly with the location you're interested in and sign up to our newsletter where we will be publishing all the future Muay Camp options.
  • Are airport transfers included?
    Our camps do not generally include airport transfer. Our accommodation options are carefully chosen to be easy to get to-and-from and we will provide full information and advice on transport options, public and private, before arrival. If you would prefer a pre-arranged transfer, these are available at an additional cost - please contact us for more information.
  • Can I attend on my own?
    Absolutely! Muay Camp is a great way to network and meet people, with everything that's lined up, from the instructors to people from all over uniting to train, you won't really be alone at all! On the other hand, if and when you need some personal space, there is plenty of opportunity to take it and no pressure to join activities!
  • Can I organise my own accommodation?
    Of course! We offer a self- accommodation option for our camps alongside our private and shared options.
  • Can I book an extra night(s) of accommodation before or after the camp dates?
    In some cases we can arrange additional accommodation for people arriving early or later than the camp dates, contact us with exact dates. If we are unable to arrange the extra nights, we can provide you with recommendations of nearby alternatives you can contact directly. Please note, the earlier you can let us know, the more likely we are able to provide this!
  • Is equipment provided?
    You will need your own hand wraps, gloves and shin pads (anyone that's had to use a well-used gym set will know why!) as well as a mouthpiece if you intend to spar. If you don't own these or aren't able to bring them, we can provide it all so you can pick up directly on arrival at the camp.
  • I have a medical condition or underlying health condition, can I attend?
    You will probably know the answer to this better than us. However, let us know and we will always do our best to adapt any training sessions accordingly. If unsure, we recommend seeking advice from a medical professional.

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