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Image by Mike Nahlii

Why Malta?

Small but Powerful

Malta is our perfect destination for a Muay Thai retreat. Easily connected with all European capitals, it's warm climate, beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle make it perfect both to train and unwind. The island has an ever growing local Muay Thai scene, and offers top-notch training facilities and experienced coaches. Whether you're a comlete beginner or a seasoned pro, Malta offers something for everyone! 

The Camp

 Get ready to experience a daily training routine that includes warm-up exercises, shadowboxing, pad work, bag work, and sparring. With experienced trainers to guide you through proper technique and form, you'll be on your way to becoming a Muay Thai fighter in no time. Combining both indoor and outdoor training sessions, amazing local food, sunsets, hikes, beach and down time: Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and take your skills to the next level!

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